We just got back from Puerto Rico last night. I learned so many things from locals that I want to share. We went on an amazing excursion in the mountains of Utuado. Our tour guide was the cutest gentleman who lived on the property where the tour takes place for over a century. He was super fit and amazingly strong. We asked him how long his grandparents and parents had lived. He thought they all lived up into there 90’s. He picked a plant for my husband to take home and make tea. His english was not fluid but after researching the leaves we discovered that we have a whole bag full of Taro leaves which are super high in cancer fighting antioxidants and vitamins and minerals good to fight inflammation.
These leaves can be bought at local Indian, asian stores, and online. I found out that you do not want to eat them raw but need to cook them. I’m pretty sure we had some amazing soup there in the cafe after our excursion had finished. So much fun to explore new plants and foods to eat for health. Best of all this plant is very high in protein! I will add a recipe to try and some photos from our excursion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Utuado,_Puerto_Rico
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Also this area of Puerto Rico, in the mountains in the middle of the country, still suffer from the aftermath of hurricane Maria. There are power lines down everywhere and people still without power and clean water. We were able to help in just a little way by buying buckets for an amazing lady we met in Aquadilla that is making water filters for these people in the mountains. See her website at https://waterfiltersforpr.com/ to donate.