Holy Father,

As I walk through this crisis-

This hell of sorrows

Help me remember

Who I am

And You are with me every

Step of the way.

You will get me through this pain-

This despair that tears

At my soul.

You will lift me above,

The depression that

Darkens my spirit.

Help me stand,

Calm me down and

Flood my soul with

Your light.

Give me peace, oh God-

Grant me peace

And keep the love light

Within my heart.

Don’t let me grow cold

And indifferent

Toward people because

I’m wounded.

Let me look up and live

And as I walk this narrow

Path with You.

Let my light shine

So someone with a deeper sorrow

Than my own.

Will see my light within;

And their own burden

Made lighter.

Linda Barnes

copyright 2015