Scripture Readings: Daniel 8: 15- 26; Luke 1: 19- 20, Luke 1: 37, Matthew 1: 20- 21

“For the word of the God will never fail. “

Gabriel, the angel.

An unlikely character in the Christmas story, Gabriel, an angel working in the heavenly realm. This was not Gabriel’s first appearance, he appeared to Daniel to give him meaning of his visions. In verse 16 of Daniel 8, a mystery in scripture appears. I love how mysteries appear in God’s Word. The word is never dull or boring; can be read over and over and new things are found. The things we know about Gabriel: he is able to touch us physically ( he touched Daniel), he knows the secrets to our end times on this earth, his presence can be terrifying, his patience with our unbelief needs restraining, he can appear in dreams, and he stands in the very presence of the Lord. Oh Gabriel, thank you for being a mighty warrior for God. Help us to believe.

Nativity Fast

It’s the beginning of a new week. Traditionally as the days draw closer to Christmas day, the fast becomes more restrictive. We will continue as before: no oil, no meat, no dairy, no fish, no wine. Today sharing my favorite recipe over the last six months. This recipe is a favorite of my daughter and soon to be son in law; split pea soup. I make it every time they travel and visit. A hot bowl of soup after traveling can be very comforting. Make a bowl for your friends and family after traveling to visit for the holidays. I promise it will not disappoint.