Scripture Reading Luke 1: 5-26

“He will prepare the people for the coming of the Lord.  He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and he will cause those who are rebellious to accept the wisdom of the godly.”

Things are beginning to look a lot like Christmas and so is our advent study. Today we enter into the Christmas story introducing John the Baptist and his family. Just as we are preparing our hearts for the celebration of Jesus’s birth, John the Baptist was like a preparation for the hearts of God’s children at this time period. He was used to prepare the people and help turn their hearts and accept the wisdom taught by Christ. John the Baptist had his own disciples and followers. He actually introduced Andrew and possibly John to Jesus and Andrew was the brother of Peter and ” It is through these men that Christ found Peter, their discipleship was transferred to Jesus, and the first Apostles were gathered.” ( . Every time we look at the Christmas story, we may see different things. This preparation analogy was new to me today, even though I read and heard this story many many times over the years. God’s Word is fresh and new everyday. Today, at the end of this entry, I’m including a song for meditation as you read and focus on God’s word, along with link to a spotify playlist. Music and worship are so intertwined and really help me to focus, so allow me to share some worship songs this season.

Nativity Fast

Eating out. Eating out can be quite a challenge as we navigate our worlds without oil. Look for steamed items, salads with vinegar on the side, vegetable sushi, beans cooked with oil. It will be a challenge. I happened to be dining at P. F. Chang’s last night and they have this very simple steamed tofu dish, steamed Buddha feast. It was simple and plain, but add some nice tea from an Asian tea pot, a lovely atmosphere, and friends and family; you should be all set for a nice evening. Please share any ideas in the discussion area below.

The spotify playlist link I will add a new song each day.