January 23rd 2021,

Journey Through the OT

2 Kings 13:1-11. 

It’s 814 BC. We are back on a journey. The place is Israel, the northern kingdom.  The capital is Samaria.  Jehoahaz is king. To the northeast is this land of the Arameans.  The Aramean land then is present day Syria. The king does what is evil in the eyes of the Lord, and he gets his tail handed to him by the Aramean people, over and over again.   But beautifully, he remembers his heritage, he remembers the God of his ancestors. He calls out to God for help. 

Reread 2 Kings 13:4.  These passages remind us that it’s never too late to call out to our Lord for help.  Push your sin aside, and make that call,  He sees your oppression.   God will give you rest. Rest from your enemies. However, when we make the decision to turn from sin, don’t keep this hidden.  Share this decision with your family, with “your people”.  We want to influence others that we love too. 

Today there’s a new term just coined four to five years ago.  A reference to a person with the power to alter the beliefs of individuals.  We call these people “influencers”  According to dictionary.com, before 2016, the term “influencer” did not even exist.  These individuals have created among the world of social media their own brand of power and influence, which can impact an entire generation.  The stories in the OT of the kings of Israel and Judah, remind us of the influence we have on others.   The king of Israel, turned to God for help, but he forgot to influence his nation, the people around him, and his own family.  His kingdom was later demolished and decimated down to miniscule numbers: 50 charioteers, 10 chariots, and 10,000 foot soldiers.   

2 Kings 12: 17-21, 2 Chronicles 24:23-27

And don’t forget to influence your neighbors.  Be a Godly  “influencer”  to them too.  The story continues….. Let’s  trek down south to Judah.  The nation of Judah was being destroyed by the same Aramean army.  The king of Judah,  King Joash (remember him?)  who had been positively influenced by the righteous priest Jehoidda, to do what was right in the eyes of the Lord, and restore the temple, began gathering loot from the temple and giving it away to his oppressors.  Giving away treasuries of the Lord’s Temple.  How foolish can one be?  This led to his later assasination. 

Let’s remember to be “influencer’s” for Christ.  Share your story.  Share your defeats. Share your restoration.