Today, sharing a true proven tip for healing: biome broth. This broth, created by Dr. Will Bulsiewicz , author of the book, Fiber Fueled, claims to “tame inflammation” and help heal the gut. I am unable to share the recipe, since it belongs to the good Dr. Bulsiewicz, but I would like to share a testimonial of a friend and tips to gathering ingredients for the broth.

My dear friend, keeling over in pain, enduring test after test, to find out that her entire gut microbiome was dead and devastated by H2 blockers, like Prilosec. They told her the only choice was to have a magnetic sphincter augmentation to repair a hiatal hernia. After two weeks of missed work, unable to eat, and quickly losing weight, I asked her if she would read a book and try going plant based. She said she would try anything at this point. And sometimes, that is the breaking point when someone will try going plant based. She took the book home, and read it over a weekend to her husband and family. She texted soon after and said she was buying her own copy. Fast forward, two months later, she is healed. She feels a 100%, makes the biome broth every week, sips on it at work, keeps a jar on hand at all times, and even pours it inconspicuously over her children’s food too. She is so excited about eating plant based and her new lease on life, sharing her story with friends, giving credit to the book, and her friend that took the time to listen and given her a tip that allowed her to take control of her own life.

A few of the ingredients are unique in the recipe. The broth calls for dried kombu, which is seaweed. And dried shiitake mushrooms or mushroom powder. My friend bought her kombu and mushroom powder on Amazon. But today, I was able to find both ingredients at a local health food store. The best part about the recipe is the author suggests just putting all the ingredients in a crock pot over 6 hours, and let it do its own thing, creating antioxidants, and inflammation tamers. I posted a picture of both ingredients. Sometimes a picture helps when searching in the grocery store.

To find this fabulous book, go to or purchase on Amazon. The book is full of easy and yummy plant based healing recipes. Follow me on social media @thehopeforpain to see stories creating broth and the Sunday Pasta recipe on page 337. Always healing through food and faith. See you soon.