Book Study – Help Is Here

Chapter 1 – The Holy Who?

Come along to read Max Lucado’s new book “Help Is Here”. There are 13 chapters and we will break down two chapters a week.  This book study promises to be personal and I hope we can be personal together.

Each chapter let’s begin with scripture, spend time in God’s Word as we read along with the teaching of Max Lucado. 

Scripture Reading:  Luke 24:44-49

Who is the Holy Spirit to You? 

Max Lucado spends the first chapter describing who the Holy Spirit is  or should be to the believer.  Let’s create a list from the chapter.  I’ll get you started. 

The Holy Spirit is your life-giving friend 

He gives strength. 

He gives us joy and vitality. 

He is a comforter and friend. 

Heaven Sent Helper. 

Any other descriptions that you found? 





I love the sentence on page 7, “Jesus would not let his followers begin their ministries unless they knew the Holy Spirit”. Which is astounding since these individuals spent three years living and breathing every word Jesus spoke. When he left, they needed power to create the ministries they were called to create, and this is still true for us today. 

 My question to you, what power do you wish the Holy Spirit would give more to you today?  As mentioned in the book, “In The Garden”, Day 24, chapter 4,  I struggle with showing love to others. Not that I do not feel love for others, but somewhere along the line of maturation into an adult, this essential quality was lacking.  I’m an enneagram 4, and after studying more in Christopher Heuertz book, “The Sacred Enneagram”, I learned that I most likely felt abandoned by one or both parents, feeling cut off from a source of love that was not within my understanding, and turned inward to feelings and imagination to cope in isolation. (1)  Now as an adult, I must rely on the Holy Spirit to fulfill this essential component of living a fuller life.  

I’m a work in progress and daily I must rely on the Holy Spirit to fulfill this gift that He gave us. It’s a moment to moment thing, relying solely on his daily bread. Spend the week identifying which of the fruit of the spirit you need the most power and help.  Review chapter 4 of the In the Garden book for further help.  To explore more about the enneagram go to to begin.  Take the test, but often self exploration is more needed than just taking the test. 

  1. Heuertz, C. L. (2017). The sacred enneagram: Finding your unique path to spiritual growth. Zondervan.

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