Can you still juice while on vacation? Of course you can juice while on vacation.  However, juicing is much easier if you stay in a summer house with a fully equipped kitchen.  And yes, we did juice while on our vacation.  Our vacation each year is spent in a beach bungalow at the outer banks of North Carolina.  We spend two weeks there each year relaxing, surfing, swimming, and watching our children play.  These two weeks I look forward to every year and they never disappoint.  So, back to juicing.  We gathered up our Super Angel Juicer  and Vitamixer and brought them along.  How could we leave them behind when we had grown so close?

Honestly, the Vitamixer was used the most.  Having a cold smoothie every morning after a run or bike was simply heaven.  I even taught my sister and brother in law the recipe to my favorite smoothie.  And with peaches being in season, great peach sorbet was enjoyed by all.  The benefits of rehydrating with a juice or a smoothie after being out in the sun all day is extraordinary.  Make it a goal while on vacation to find local fruits and vegetables to add to your brews.  I will share my peach sorbet recipe.  It was divine!!!

Peach Sorbet

1 cup of coconut milk

4 -5  ripe peaches

1 packet of Truvia sugar substitute ( not something I would always recommend for the chronically ill, but just once for this yummy pleasure)

1 tablespoon of honey

Blend on 2- 3 power until peaches are pulverized, then turn up to 6  and Hi setting until the mixture looks like real ice cream ( about 30 – 45 ) seconds. Or follow your vitamixer sorbet instructions.