Chapter 10 – Help is Here

The Coming Wave

Oh, that you had heeded My commandments! Then your peace would have been like a river, And your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” Isaiah 48:18

Peace like a River. What does this really mean? My first thoughts go to Jeremy Camp and the scene from his movie “I Still Believe” singing Find Me in the River, a beautiful scene with him and his beautiful soon to be wife singing a duet while strumming a guitar sitting on the beach. Seems peaceful. Max Lucado’s suggests, “ To drink Jesus is to receive him into the driest parts of our lives. As we do, rivers of living water will flow out. As Jesus goes in, the Holy Spirit flow out. We become sources of living water to those around us”. This explanation gives clarity, but my small mind still sees a river as a synonym of tumultuous flow. Why would I want to have peace like a river? Rivers are not calm. They inhabit class 5 rapids. But maybe that’s the point. Our lives on earth are going to feel like class 1, class 2, and sometimes class 5 rapids but he pours out the holy spirit to help us navigate this river of life.

Each chapter I read of this book, God seems to be giving living examples for my use. How about you? Occasionally, the world overwhelms my soul and I have to hibernate. Some people go shopping, some binge watch Netflix. Last night was one of those evenings. I canceled all the events on the calendar, my husband took the dogs for a walk, and I curled up in bed and meditated on this verse, “If you follow my commands, I will give you peace like a river.” I asked, “God what commands am I not following?” Many I suppose. But do I want this peace like a river? By the grace of God, I fell asleep waking up a new person the next morning, clarity in my head and peace in my soul.

And then this morning God whispered to my soul, remember your basics, rivers pour out their waters to the ocean. It accumulates all the waters from the creeks and the tributaries and carries it to it’s source. You are carrying the living water to the world, leading others to the larger source of water, the Creator of the living water. I take a deep breath and go forth in my day.

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