Chapter 11 – Help is Here

Speak Up

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 7: 8-13

Samuel took a stone and set it up . . . and called its name Ebenezer; for he said, “Till now the Lord has helped us.”  1 Samuel 7:12

What is your Ebenezer? Lucado reminds us in this chapter , as God followers we all have them the “only God moments”; the events in life, the occurrences that could only be because God intervened. “There is something unique about your story. No one else has your experience. No one else in all the history of the world has walked the path you have journeyed” Are we willing to share this with others?”, writes Lucado.

I ponder the question too. What is my Ebenezer? Honestly, there are so many incidences where God helps out, that this lesson is more of a reminder about how easily I forget. This week alone, lost in the woods on a trail, He sent a pack of bluejays to lead me down the right trail; lost at work after saying enough is enough, He brought a job offer an hour later on the phone while I was at work; lost in complete unbelief as our daughter shared with us that she is going to step back from her studies because of anxiety and depression, He provided complete an utter peace that surpasses all understanding. Dear God, please forgive me for acting as the wandering Israelite in the wilderness. How quickly I forget and ask for more. You are almighty God. Thank you.

Make a list today of your story, your Ebenezer, and place a stone in a place that helps remind you of his grace and mercy. And then I challenge you after you make the list, not to so easily forget. I promise to do this too.

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