Chapter 3 – Help is Here

The Spirit As Wind

Scripture Reading:  John 3: 1- 15

Last year during Lent we watched “The Chosen”.  If you haven’t seen it please download the app today and watch.  The depiction of Nicodemus has forever changed my interpretation of the story told in John 3. He is a real character in this narrative and one that I can identify and love. The one unfortunate thing about Nicodemus was he had difficulty letting go, letting go and accepting the gift of being born again.  Born again to life that we have now with the Holy Spirit dwelling within us.

In this chapter Max Lucado, shares so many pearls of wisdom.  As I read, I underline.  Allow me to share my favorites.  “We dare not think for a moment that we have the power to be the person God wants us to be.” “He empowers us to be what he calls us to be.” “What we cannot do, he can.”  “You can’t do it?  The Spirit can.”  “We cannot fulfill our mission on our own. “  What are some of you favorite lines from this chapter?  Take a few moments and write them down.


As I read and write these quotes again, I’m struck with awe at the timing of these lessons.  Yesterday, during worship at my local church the pastor had us write down a prayer and lift it up to the congregation and to God, something that we were truly “giving to Him”. Something we were not able to manage on our own, but needed the help of the one true God.  I gave Him “my relationships”; relationship with my husband, relationship with my father, relationship with my children.  I gave them to Him, because “what we cannot do, He can”.  I’m counting of Him, in this new season of life.   I implore you to do the same today.  Take a piece of paper, write down a prayer, one sentence and give something completely away to God to take care of in your life.  Place that piece of paper in your bible, and rely of the words above , “You can’t do it? The Spirit can.”

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