Chapter 4 – Help is Here

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 38

Words from an ancient King, but oh still applicable today. The King was given 15 more years to live only after praying a simple prayer.  Not unlike the young man from the Buffalo Bills football team, but in his case many prayed on his behalf and God granted him a longer life.  Max Lucado, in his book “Help is Here’ reminds us in chapter 4 that sometimes the Spirit is our intercessor when we don’t know what to pray.  He hears the groans of our heart.

The last few days, I’m beginning to wonder If I’m living out this chapter.  The feelings Max describe have been a reality and the Spirit has proven to be a great intercessor. The words in Isaiah 38 originate from one of my favorite bible characters, King Hezekiah.  He was the only king of his time to love, obey , and follow the Lord.  In Isaiah 38, we are told that he is going to die and not recover.  He is encouraged to put his house in order. He turned to the Lord, and wept bitterly. And then God gives him a new life.

The Spirit can pray for us when we don’t know what to pray. King Hezekiah did not pray for 15 more years, he just wept and asked God to remember his faithfulness. The Spirit knew what was in his heart, He interceded for Hezekiah, maybe remined God that Hezekiah had more to do for the kingdom. Do you have more to do for the kingdom? I know I sure do and I’m ready Lord to do it.

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