Chapter 5 – Help is Here

Scripture Reading: Romans 8: 9-17

Somewhere along the line hearing a sermon or in a book about the impact that the disciples must have felt when Jesus taught them to pray “Our Father in Heaven”, changed my prayer life. It was blasphemy for them to call God “father”. At least that is what they would have thought. Growing up in the church this thought never crossed my mind, and I soon realize that I cited the Lord’s prayer incorrectly, stating without really thinking, “Dear Lord in heaven, Hallowed be your name”, focusing on lifting the Lords name up in praise instead of the familial proclamation. Now, I begin prayer time every morning with the Lord’s prayer, and every day I still have to pause and remind myself to use the words, “My father in heaven”. It doesn’t come naturally to say “my father”. Does it feel this way for you?

Max Lucado reminds us in this chapter that our destinies are heavenly sealed and we are the adopted children of God. The spirit seals this deal. Our natural attitude is not to feel a fatherly connection. I’m going to keep trying to feel this natural connection. I need Him to protect me like a father does. I need Him to reassure me like a father does. “God the Father has set his seal on me” and on you too.

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