Chapter 6 -Help is Here

Writing has come sparse since I started this chapter. God has provided so many real life examples to use the Holy Spirit’s power this week. Not sure If I should thank him or cry.  Im so happy this chapter is complete so I can move on.  This chapter has revealed  revelations to me: so many are hurting, facing their own personal perils. My daughters. Your daughters and sons. Our friends. Our neighbors. We must teach them to rely on the Holy Spirt to cure the fires of their minds. They are experiencing anxiety unlike any other generation.  And I don’t know what to do.  Help me to be an example, relying on the Holy Spirit to hover over my soul, and tend to the chaos of my mind.

I announce today to commit this ministry to help others in this chaos. To help those that turn to drugs or Satans answers, and to never judge those that have turned there. The whole picture has been revealed and Im ready for the fight. I’m ready for you to hover, Holy Spirit. Who else is ready for this fight?
Please send any resources my way to to review and see what we can do to help in the fight against drug addiction. Thank you.

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