Readings: 2 Chronicles 29: 3-36

This past year I became an empty nester, sending our last child off to college. With time to spare, plans have been made to enjoy some of this precious time we have waited nineteen years enduring. Camping is one of those pastimes I treasure, growing up camping on the gulf shores of Alabama or taking our girls camping to the cute little campground at Crabtree Falls off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Today I purchased a Rightline Gear SUV tent for my husband’s birthday with plans of camping along the Potomac river with the dogs on the C&O Canal towpath next weekend. This path is 184 miles long leading from Georgetown D.C. to Cumberland Maryland. The AT and the C&O actually meetup on this trail in Knoxville Maryland. The C&O canal was originally proposed by George Washington after the Revolutionary War to connect the Ohio river and the Chesapeake Bay. (1) The route was never completed but the plan was laid out by a visionary, Washington a new leader of a new country.

Our readings today lead us back to a similar visionary, a Godly one in fact, King Hezekiah. We talked about him before, the son of King Ahaz of Judah. Hezekiah was king when the northern kingdom was taken captive. He most likely knew friends and family that were being exiled by the Assyrian empire. Unlike the King of the north, this gentleman was a believer. He loved the Lord and knew of his potential for blessings. In the first month of the first year being a king , he reopened the doors of the Temple of the Lord and repaired them. He began revitalizing the temple that his father had desecrated.

It’s so nice to read a story of hope again. We find a person, a leader among all of this rubble that still believed in the Word of the Lord. Finally a reason to dance again. And thats what they did, with their cymbals , lyres, and harps. They sang, they gave burnt offerings, the Levite priests took their office back, and they worshiped. “Then the king and everyone with him bowed down in worship.”( verse 28) Hallelujah. It’s about time. The king actually ordered the Levite priests to bring the psalms written by David back. After we spend another day rededicating the temple and preparing feasts for passover with our southern kingdom worshipers, we will take a look at some psalms and proverbs collected by King Hezekiah and reminisce of his relationship with Isaiah, because they were good pals. What do you think? Let’s take a few days and bathe ourselves in some joy and good times. It’s been far too long.

Today’s music will take you by the river, dedicated to the journey I am planning for my husband on the C &O Trail “Find me in the river. find me on my knees.” from the cast of the movie “I still Believe”. If you haven’t seen this one, it’s a must. Beautiful, definitely a tear jerker. “I still Believe” story about Jeremy Camp. We found someone that still believes!!!!