Today is Sunday. For the duration of this study, and trek on the OT, I will be spending time in a local worship service, wether it’s my local or my daughter’s. The church has suffered this year. It’s time for us to come back together rather it’s remotely or personally and see what God has next for the local church. Maybe it’s been in exile too? But I can guarantee that it will never look the same. I don’t think that God wants it to ever look the same.

Happy sunday! If you are looking for an amazing virtual service called “Crossroads Anywhere”, head on over to This is my daughter’s church and our saving grace during covid. Check out on there website and all the things they did in 2020, like wiping out 46 million bills in medical debt for families. They are going to be leading the way, the new church after covid, and I’m so excited to be on this ride.