Two weeks off and one would think your “to do ” list would start being clicked off: complete your home projects, start a new training program, or complete a task you have been putting off for a rainy day. Instead, I just feel hollow. What’s next? In real life, the next task means figuring out where my college freshman daughter will live the next three months. Her university is announcing today that they will go to single living dorms, meaning each roommate has to decide who will leave. How do you decide this? I put this decision in your hands Lord.

This past week in general has been over and above the norm. I guess finding out a family member has been exposed to the virus in itself can be overwhelming. Even if, by the grace of God, they are feeling good, only a runny nose. When things are overwhelming, I always turn to music. Each year I create a playlist. This week, my go-to song has been “Dancing on the Waves” by We the Kingdom. This song is created to make you feel like God is singing to you. Over and over again, I have listened to this song this past week, while walking the dogs, while driving the car, while riding the elevator into work, and while dancing in the garden of my favorite place. Listen to some of the words.

I’m standing at your door

My heart is calling yours

Come fall into my arms

You’re weary from it all

Been running for too long

I’m here to bring you home

Dear heavenly father, I will always remember your name. I am your masterpiece. You set every star into place. I believe how much you love me and I can walk on the water and dance on the waves. I’m here for you to bring me home. Amen

As promised, stay tuned later for healthy eating experiences. Tonight is homemade vegan meatballs. This recipe can be found in the blog, under chickpea curry dumplings. One of my favorites. No shopping for this girl. Only home delivery’s for 14 days, thank you Whole Foods.

Music gets me through life. I will post as I did with Lent, spotify favorites and maybe I’ll add a new song as I go. It’s going to be hard to compete with the song I have playing in my head right now.