In honor of “National Women’s Day”, I have taken liberty to revise and modernize one of our OT proverbs, Proverbs 31, the “Wife of Noble Character” . Most likely this proverb was written by David’s wife Bathsheba for her son, King Solomon, giving him motherly advice. I believe mother’s should prepare their sons to be a good husbands for their brides. I know my mother-law did for my husband. As a mother of two Godly daughters, I pray their one-day husbands will be prepared by a wise woman as this.

Advice from a mother to her son.

“Oh, son of mine, what can you be thinking of!
    Child whom I bore! The son I dedicated to God!”

Choose wisely when seaching for a wife.

God created you as as leader, a leader at home, a leader at the workplace.

In your household, be a man of character, a voice for your family.

Speak up for those that have no voice.

Speak out for justice; show kindness to others.

Stand up for the poor , and be an example for your children.

When you are searching for the perfect wife, remember a virtuous woman may be difficult to find, but is worth more than diamonds when you find her.

I pray for your wife today; she is trustworthy, and kind to you and others.

Be willing to help her with the shopping and cleaning after dinner.

She will reward you for the little things that you do.

If she is a early riser or likes to stay up late and finish things before she goes to bed, help her or give her time alone; ask her what she needs, because this may be different each day.

Do your finances together; never leaving her out of the equation.

Help her in the morning; don’t be afraid to brush your daughters hair, change a diaper, or occasionally walk the dog.

Praise her for the worth of her work; if she needs to work late let her know it’s ok and you will help with the children’s homework.

Make up your side of the bed and hers if she is running late.

Be a role model for your family; always be confident, kind to others, and serve together to help those that are oppressed.

Don’t give her grief if she buys a new pair of shoes; women love new shoes.

Work hard at your labors, always be kind, generous and respectful of others in the workplace.

Allow your wife to speak, because she will always have something worthwhile to say.

Praise her; give praise to your children too.

Remember as she ages, her outside beauty may fade a little; but she is your love, a woman to be admired and praised.

Lastly and most importantly,

Teach your family to fear the Lord.

Lead by example.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul.

Love your neighbor; show your children how to love their neighbors.

Be the son that God created you to be.