Scripture Reading: John 4:46-54

“So he and his whole household believed.”

John, disciple of Jesus

Herod Antipas’s royal official seeks out Jesus for healing; who would have thought. Besides having faith bigger than a mustard seed, he most importantly did not keep this miracle to himself. He shared the miracle with his whole family and household. Do you find it easy to share your faith? Today at work, I discovered a gift. I never would have found this gift if I held back from talking about my faith. The gift was a human spirit, a sister in Christ, and one that can sing like an angel. After a day of back and forth, speaking of different songs that we treasured, she called me her “sister”. These words were just so powerful to me. She told me that no matter the color of our skin, black or white, or anything in between, one day we will all be called home as the children of God, the remnant of Israel. Amen, sister. I’m so excited to find a new friend.

We can’t hold back. We have to share the things Jesus does in our lives. And if they don’t listen, we need to just keep on sharing. If anything, this royal agents persistence should be a lesson. Jesus did not seem too keen on his methods, answering him rather bluntly. But his persistence paid off and the best reward, his son lived another day, and his family and household live with him in eternity today. Amen to that.

The blessed music my friend and I had in common was Maverick City Music. On Instagram this morning, I saw a reel of a new song ( at least new to me) by this amazing group. The words so fitting of the lesson for today, “If you said it, we believe it. All things are possible when we believe”. The royal officer learned these words first hand, and so can we.