Scripture Reading : Romans 6: 1-14

We know that our old sinful selves were crucified with Christ so that sin might lose its power in our lives.

Paul, the apostle of Jesus

I knew we were suppose to study the book of Romans this week, when this past Sunday, I attended our local church for the first time in two years. Two years since the beginning of the coivd pandemic. Last week a little voice in my subconscious kept pushing me to explore the book of Romans for this study. No God, I know so little about this book of the bible. There is no history to share, Paul’s words are so complex and “wordy”. And then I went to church and of course the pastor began to preach on the book of Romans and to top it off he quoted Galatians 2:20, one of our key verses from our study together. God had my attention. So I buckled up and took notes.

But, we had to get to chapter 6 together before the pastors sermon would apply. Chapter 6 begins with the topic of dying. Us dying to sin. The sermon I listened to Sunday morning, the pastor remarked “a Lenten study without discussion of death is contrary to the resurrection story.” And that is so true. We must die just as Christ died to be resurrected in eternal life. And personally I think this death is not an easy one. I’m not comparing it to Christ’s suffering on the cross, but I believe that dying to our sin is hard.. Even as I write this devotion, over and over again, I have been tested. I feel like I fail every time. My old sinful self is still here. But God reminds me, I am no longer a slave to the sin. I am dead to the power of sin and alive to God through Christ Jesus.

As Paul stated , “give yourselves completely to God, for we are dead, but now have new life”. If I ever met a chapter in the bible that was worth memorizing, it would be this one. It brings tears to my eyes just to read it. I feel so powerless to sin sometimes, but have to remind myself that sin is no longer my master. Anger is probably the biggest sin I’m struggling with right now. I feel angry that our vacation is over. I feel angry that everyone at work is in such a bad mood and so ill willed to each other. I feel angry that our kitchen renovation is now delayed again after a year and a half. But you know what? I now live under the freedom of God’s grace. and sin is no longer my master. Thank you Paul for this reminder.

Today, choose a passage from Romans 6. . Write it down. Work on memorizing it. I just chose Romans 6: 14.