Scripture Reading: John 18: 28-38

“What is Truth?”

Pilate, previous governor of Judea

Welcome to the week before Holy Week. We are going to spend the week looking at the Easter story through the lens of Pontius Pilate. The reading today encompasses the conversation that Jesus encountered after being arrested. His first encounter was with the newly appointed governor of Judea. Pilate had heard stories about the Jews searching for the Messiah, a God that would rescue them from oppression from the Romans. He was instructed about the history of Herod the Great and the wise men that were searching for the King of the Jews that had been born in Bethlehem. He was told about Herod’s command to kill all the first born males babies in this same city. And he knew stories about this supposed star that had lit up the sky 33 years ago.

So, he implores Jesus, are you the “King of the Jews”?

Read again Jesus’s answer. Spend today thinking about what it means to have Jesus as king of your world. His kingdom is the truth. There is no other truth.