Scripture Reading: John 18: 1-11, Exodus 3: 13-14

“I Am he. “


While reading this passage of scripture I was struck with awe and chill bumps. I can only imagine what the Roman soldiers felt when hearing Jesus say those words, “I AM he.” The story told by John is that “they drew back and fell to the ground”. Who exactly, fell to the ground? Why would these individuals fall to the ground and then proceed to arrest Jesus? I do not proclaim to be a biblical expert, but I do have my own opinions about what could have happened that day, especially in light of what we have learned historically in this bible study. So here goes my interpretation. Judas notified the High Priests of Jesus’s where about, the High Priest arranges to have Jesus arrested and hires out some Roman soldiers and sends their own temple officers to do the dirty work. When they arrive they see Jesus is not a violent threat, the Roman soldiers, gentiles, may have never seen or heard of Jesus; they confront this unlikely man to arrest him. They move forward, and then all of a sudden they see God in all his glory. This man was God, “I Am”, just like Moses saw the day in the burning bush. Jesus, fulfilling God’s plan, willingly goes with the “hired hands” as a prisoner.

It’s funny how God changes plans. In my mind, I had mapped out our discussion and how we would move forward today and explore the relationship of the High priests and their role in Jesus’s arrest. But then I was stopped by these passages. I could not move forward. I had to spend today focused on what seeing and feeling God in all his glory meant. Up until this moment, maybe no one had actually seen this side of Christ. Then who see’s it, a group of Roman gentile unbelieving soldiers. I bet a few of their hearts were changed that day.

We still need to fall to the ground ourselves when God shows us His glory. When was the last time you were on your knees?

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