Please forgive me but I took a day off the trail. I still kept my commitment to staying in the Word, but was given the opportunity to do something much more glorious than writing. I volunteered monitoring beautiful people after they received their covid 19 vaccination. The event was very well coordinated by the state of Virginia. The most wonderful part of the day were the people. I volunteered in a mostly urban non white area of town. The event took place at a very large African- American church and my eyes truly saw God yesterday among these people. They were the most grateful, kind, joyful group that I had ever been around. Most of them had not seen each other for a year. We were told ahead of time, that the largest difficulty was getting people to leave after their required 15 minutes, and this turned out to be true. I was truly touched by their compassion for each other and their gratefulness for this gift of vaccination. I will forever be grateful for this opportunity.