Easter Reflection – Day 7

We draw to an end in our Easter reflection. We have learned much. Our psalmist in Psalm 119 has reminded us of the importance of the Word. He compels us to experience a life with God’s Word. He compels us to find and savor “The Word”, and we know him as Lord Jesus Christ. We reflect on Easter, the days our Lord was crucified and later resurrected. This evening as I write, the time is Passover, Jesus was with his disciples breaking bread and teaching lessons. He reminded them, “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.” (John 14:27) This week’s lessons taught us to keep our minds on the word. God breathed words into scripture and those words were fulfilled with his son of peace. He is our perfect peace.

On our last day let’s read one last passage together, Isaiah 26. In the ESV bible its titled “You Keep Him In Perfect Peace”. You are the Him in this verse. You are living in the city that is described by our Lord. You are the inhabitant. In verse 1, we learn that the city is fortified with two items a wall and a bulwark. This provides double the strength to the city. Since the crucifixion and resurrection, the Lord now provides double the strength to us as gentile believers in Christ. And we live in perfect peace when our minds are stayed upon him. (Isaiah 26:3) Robert t. Morgan, author of Reclaiming the Art of Biblical Meditation, wrote “look at the two phrases at the front and back of this passage: ‘perfect peace’ and ‘everlasting strength’. That’s the condition of the person whose mind is stayed on the Lord and whose heart trusts Him forever. ” We are given this perfect peace when we meditate on his word. When we fix our heart and minds on Jesus.

During this times of Lent the last 40 days, my husband and I have watched the third season of “The Chosen”. In this season they say on a regular basis when greeting and leaving, “Shalom, Shalom”. This is the Hebrew way of saying perfect peace. In one particular scene a Roman guard asks Peter why they say this greeting. Peter describes the gift of perfect peace that God has given them. In Isiaah 26, this is the only time in scripture these words are used together, shalom shalom, perfect peace. There is no mistake in His words. God wants to double our peace. He is the God of blessings and love. We only need to “stay ” our minds upon Him. Meditation is staying our minds on Him. I hope you will continue this practice after our study.

Shalom, shalom my dear friend. May God be with you, delivering perfect peace to your inner being forever.

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