Eating Healthy on a Budget

by Hope for Pain | Jul 22, 2019 | Integrative Tips

I started this tips list on our Instagram post and wanted to continue to add tips to this blog. “Buying fruits and vegetables are so expensive”, the most common phrase I hear from patients when I talk one on one with them about changing their habits. So I have set out to disprove this theory. I started in the dollar store and couldn’t believe all the things I found. From the dollar store to my pantry, I have explored and will continue to explore ways to share tips with you to help eat more healthy on a budget.

Tip #1 : update your pantry. Having things on hand is key to making healthy recipes at home and staying on a budget without running into the grocery store every time you see a recipe you want to recreate. The following are my suggestions: onions (red and white) , lemon and a lime, ( always have one in the refrigerator) regular vinegar, apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, ( vinegar is key! ), local honey, regular mustard, Dijon mustard, vegan mayonnaise, Ceylon cinnamon ( purchase at the health food store), always have a couple apples on hand , (I prefer green) , and I love bluapple freshness balls. Add them to you refrigerator crispers which keeps your produce fresh longer saving you money. These are just a few of my favorites. Some you can get at the dollar store, others you may need to save up and buy a little at a time. But I always keep these things on hand. (Photo from Cusco Peru market) #eathealtyonabudget, #bluapple, #pantryorganization , #foodasmedicine.

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