My season is summer.  I love summer. The kids are out of school, no lunches to be made, no excuses for your teenagers not to hang out with you because they have a math test the next day, time to binge on Netflix or my new love, Amazon Prime ( my husband and daugter’s go to is “Suits” and my daughter and I love “Victoria” ), and a time to prune and pull weeds.  Actually I hate pruning and pulling weeds, but God has given me this season of summer to pull some of my own weeds and to tend to what matters.

Two weeks ago, we received a call from our daughter that she was in a horrible motor vehicle accident.  Our church youth group was on their way back from their yearly amazing spirit-filled summer camp (Seasalt) in South Carolina.   The bus was hit head on flipping, sending eleven teenagers, all unbuckled except for one, on a horror filled journey in to the unknown.  This group of eleven children and two adults were blanketed by 13 angels that day. Yes, there are still physical burdens to repair and emotional wounds to heal, but their story is a true miracle.  A whole story in itself could be written about their plight and rescue, or at least a whole after school special addressing the importance of seat belts. However, today I write about what I have learned in this season of my personal summer.

Don’t take the people and relationships you have in your life for granted.  This summer, I am participating in a bible study at our church called “Cultivate” by Lara Casey, and I love bible studies in the summer months.  There is no better time to stop and let God refresh and speak new light into your life.  During these weeks of study, we are asked to choose something that we wish to cultivate in our lives and starting living an intentional life.  I have chosen two things, one a little personal I won’t share, but the other is about You.  All of “You” out there.  I say “You” because I don’t actually have these persons in my life but oh do they effect me.   These are siblings, other people’s siblings, my daughters crazy relationship, my mother’s relationships with her siblings, my father’s relationships with his brother, and my husband’s relationship with his brothers.  We are called to love everyone. What is so difficult about loving our siblings?  There is a long history of sibling animosity in this family God has placed me in on this earth.  I want with all my heart to break this cycle of heartache and I am choosing to cultivate, pull weeds and prune, til God shows me how living an intentional life helping those I love to love those closet to them, at least those most close genetically.

Embrace the season you are in right now.  This past, six months have been a little hard for me.  I changed jobs.  I took myself out of a career where I knew everyone, every day was filled with laughter with peer friendships and a feeling of comfort and confidence in my job.  I threw all that out the door to move forward to cultivate ( my new favorite word) what I think God has planned next for my life.  And it’s been hard.  New relationships, complete lack of confidence in myself, and mental anguish learning new things.  But over the past two weeks, I have learned that this is a season God has placed me in currently.  For better or for worse, He has so many things to teach me and I am opening myself up to learn new things, to grow what matters in my life, and to get my hands dirty.

Reflect back on your life and embrace the season that you are in.  Call you sister….. Call your brother…. Tell them that you love them.  A reminder from my new favorite verse for this season:  The Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.  Isaiah 58: 11.  Isn’t that a great verse?



Written by Nichole Fogleman