The Lady With Internal Bleeding.

 Healing requires effort.  Take a look at today’s passages of healing.  This story also takes place in three  of the gospels.  Mark 5:24-34. Luke 8:42-48, and Matthew 9:20-22.  The woman in this story’s illness may be more described as invisible.  She was suffering from an internal illness that may have showed some external signs:   light-headedness, pale in color, fainting.  But all in all, her illness was internal with no one able to see her scars.   Her illness is described as incurable. She has been suffering for 12 years.  She has not found anyone to help her.  Doctors visits, after doctors visits and no one can help  Does this seem familiar?

Hurley, the author of our book in study, focuses on the theme that healing does, in fact, take effort.  The woman in review invested herself in making something happen, of initiating a change in her life.  We know after years of searching for help, she must have felt hopeless. However, she still chose to get up and seek her creator and healer. She still had to get herself out of bed that day, put on her clothes, weed through the crowds, endure the crowds pressing upon her damaged body, and then to bring herself to reach out and touch our Lord.   Dr. Hurley, reminds us to “meditate on the suffering she had endured, the twelve years time she had lived with her illness and the energy she had spent in searching for a healing…… Healing takes effort, if only the effort of enduring.”

Let’s talk about effort.  Does her effort seem exhausting ?   “This woman represents all those who came to Him through their pain.  She reaches out with her own effort and her own hand to grasp at what she perceives may be the miracle.  She had taken steps to come to her healing, ” describes Hurley.   And there was no promise of a cure. “She may have felt foolish for even trying again to find a cure for what had always deemed incurable…… So often, we are afraid to hope, even secretly, for fear of being let down and disappointed once again.”

True Healing involves Relationship…….  “Healing is not without relationship”  Does this phrase hit a nerve?  Do I have to make the effort of having a relationship with God in order to receive healing?  Hurley states that “When Jesus engaged the woman, he was making a connection and healing her whole life.”  In the story we see that this woman makes a connection with Christ, he calls her out, and she then tells him the whole truth.  Is there truth to your story that you are holding back?  Hurley mentions that “This perhaps is the honesty and relationship that Jesus is seeking.  He now can give her his individual love and respect. How often does God want to do this with us, while we merely seek to fix a particular part of life that hurts us?”  “He teaches her to come out in the open and to be a full person in the world from this point forward.”

Dr. Hurley reminds us that “healing takes effort, and in true healing there is relationship as well:  between the one with the power to heal and the one in need of healing.  Healing does not occur in isolation.  If may be private, but it involves relationship with God and with others.”   Do you need to begin to fully participate in your own care and healing?  Do you need to make an effort to begin a relationship with God?

Take a moment to bow your head, kneel where you are right now, and begin a relationship with God right where you are today.  If you already have a relationship with God, make a promise today to bring forth an effort in your own healing.  An effort to daily spend time with Him and take care daily of your body.  The body that he created and formed.    Amen