At Hope for Pain we believe that a strong relationship with God provides healing through pain and suffering. We offer multiple outlets to help you strengthen your faith and find solace in a community of hope.


Prayer Community

It is important to surround yourself with prayer when you are trying to heal and recover. Hope for Pain offers our patients a community of prayer by connecting each patient with others who understand what they are going through each day. 

Knowing that another chronic pain sufferer is praying for you can provide hope and encouragement on the bad days and the good days. We push our patients to learn and grow through their prayers, so that they can form a deeper connection with God.

Need someone to pray for you and/or want to pray for someone?

Feeling nervous, discouraged, or overwhelmed? We would love to pray for you. Or maybe you’d like to pray for someone else. We can set you up with a patient that is in need of your prayers.

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At Hope for Pain we offer a multitude of monthly, seasonal, and yearly programs that promote spirituality and growth in God. Our programs are a great way to connect with fellow christians who experience chronic pain. We’d love for you to join us on our journey of healing.

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