Hello. My journey continues.  I am completely addicted to our Juicer.  Every dinner has been pure liquid delightful. I will not make a green juice without the ginger again.  Tonight we added some wheatgrass to our concoction.  Interesting, but not bad.  My waist feels smaller.  I have lost three pounds.  I feel more energetic.  I am a believer.  My husband thinks it is funny.  The hard part is that I am leaving my Juicer for three days.  I am going on a “Girls weekend”.  Of course I am excited to get away and leave for an amazing destination of the beach and no children or men to nag me.  But I’m sincerely going to miss my “Super Angel”, aka the Juicer.

If you are reading this please look in to the health benefits of juicing.  It is so worth the value.  How else can you so easily get 4 – 5 servings of vegetables in one sitting.  Next week I am going to add to our blog  some different tid bits of information about certain foods and their affects on health.   In the mean time, I am posting a picture of the “Super Angel”.  Enjoy your weekend.  I will limit the amount of unhealthy foods I add to my body this weekend.  I hope you will to.