Believe it or not you can fight Covid-19 with foods and vitamins and minerals. Studies have found that essential vitamins and minerals can be added to your diet to fight this virus. The Food Revolution Summit, offered for free online to the world this past May,, provided information from health leaders all over the world to offer tips to fight this virus.

These following recommendations come from Matt McCarthy MD and Michael Klaper, speakers on first day of conference.

Zinc– take at least 15 mg three times a week. This mineral does not need to be taken daily to be effective.

Vitamin D3 – most Americans are very low in vitamin D. Being out in the sunlight enables our bodies to produce more Vitamin D, so during our quarantine days we have no excuse not to be outside and enabling our bodies to become mini Vitamin D factories. As far as taking a supplement, you want to take at least 2000 U per day. This vitamin plays a role in the integrity of the mucus membranes of our mucus cells, making it even more powerful for fighting the respiratory component of this virus.

Vitamin C – proven to help shorten the recovery time of the virus. Add 4000 mg maximum per day. Foods are just as important to boost this Vitamin impact in your body. Increase your intake of oranges, grapefruits, and greens.

Other notes from summit:

  1. Selenium – Brazil Nuts – try eating 3 per day to boost your immune fighting dose of selenium.
  2. Mushrooms – eat daily, immune boosting food
  3. Obesity is a large risk factor for death with covid- 19. A plant based diet should be key during this time period.
  4. 94% of people in the US that have died from covid -19 , had an underlying chronic condition. And in Italy, this was true, 99% of the time.

Key point, our death toll would be far less if everyone would eat a plant based diet. Let’s fight Covid with food!!