Hope for Pain plans to help, You, devote 40 days to improving your health. We have divided our plan into four categories of disease. You choose which category fits best. You decide to sacrifice or add to your diet. It’s that easy.

Why a 40 day challenge? Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, in 2020 that’s February 26th, and concludes on Easter Sunday. Lent has been a traditional time for fasting or giving something up or abstinence. Lent invites us to make our minds and hearts ready for remembering Jesus’ life, death and body resurrection. The celebration of Lent is not a commandment but an opportunity to renew our faith and renew our spirit. If the goal is to improve your health, then why not start with baby steps and choose to make a change for God. Go big or little, you decide.

Each day follow along on the hopeforpain.org web site for a written devotion to help you get through the day. Music can be an enormous help to any journey. A Spotify playlist will be provided each day to help you focus your thoughts and mind while making these changes for a healthier you. Listen to the chosen song through out your day. Focus on it’s words and the rededication to your mind and body during this period of 40 days. And last but not least follow us on instagram and twitter for daily updates and encouragement.


Twitter: @thehopeforpain

Spotify play list: Hope for You 2020 by Hopeforpain https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4CHtMtf6bRDp3mjKnq8nDM

OK down To the Nitty Gritty!!!

Pick your disease and decide whether to sacrifice or add to your diet:

Fibromyalagia :

Sacrifice: eat raw and vegan for 40 days

Add to your diet: Add 2400 IU of Vit D per day

Arthritis / Rheumatoid Arthritis :

Sacrifice: Eat plant based only for 40 days, no meat or dairy

Add to your diet: Add pint and half of strawberries or 1 1/2 cup of blueberries every day

Low Back Pain/ Sciatic :

Sacrifice: eat plant based only for 40 days, no meat or dairy

Add to your diet: eat an apple every day including apple peel

Multiple Sclerosis:

Sacrifice: eat plant based only for 40 days, no meat or dairy

Add to your diet: ALA rich plant based options daily including 1/2 cup raw walnuts, flaxseed oil or ground flax seed 1 tablespoon, wheat germ 1 tablespoon, evening primrose oil supplement, green leafy vegetable daily

THAT’s it! You choose. But please follow along at https://www.hopeforpain.org/book-bible-study/ for daily devotions and stream those tunes.