It’s Sunday. Tune into you local church . Many local churches are making internet broadcasts. As I write, I just realized that every single church in America is shut down. On October 4, 1918 churches were closed for the Spanish flu. Churches were banned for 25 days during this pandemic. I assume our houses of worship will be closed for longer than 25 days, however we should be very grateful for the technological advances made in the last century. This morning my husband, daughter, and I worshiped together watching a video broadcast of my oldest daughter’s mega church in Cincinnati. I was truly brought to tears during this time of worship. I’m so grateful for the pastors of today, inventing new and creative ways for us to worship online. I will remember today as one of the truly best days that I was able to worship my Lord. Thank you.

Check out the broadcast for yourself. My daughter’s church is beginning a series about Jesus, how appropriate during Lent. They recorded this series in previous months, but decided to go forward with it, and edit in things from the present. It’s a masterpiece.