Season every presentation of your Grain-Offering with salt. Don’t leave the salt of the covenant with your God out of your Grain-Offerings. Present all your offerings  with salt. Leviticus 2:12-13

There’s that word again, offering.   (Minchah מִנְחָה).  But now, when God’s children were asked to give a sacrificial offering, they were asked to add salt.   Why in the world were they asked to now put salt into their offerings? What would be the purpose? 

I began to ponder this myself.  The topic of salt. It’s a complex topic in scripture.  During Moses days, when this decree was written, salt was a very precious commodity.  Of course salt was used to cleanse and purify, but maybe the preciousness of this commodity was the key.   For our sakes, and our worship, let’s focus on the expense. Your offering to God this lent, this 40 days of challenging yourself, are you giving up or adding something to your lives that is valuable?  Our lives. Our health. We are called to be the salt of the earth, by Jesus himself. What more precious commodity do we have than our health, so we can be that salt and light we are called to be. 

Take a few moments and read through all of the 2nd chapter of Leviticus 2:1-16.  Remind yourself of the offering you are giving this season. If you have some time and interest and would like to do some further study on this topic of salt, check out this resource.  I warned you, this idea of salt is very complex, but oh so interesting. 

Fun Spotify time:  I love, love rearrangements of beloved christian songs.  Caleb and Kelsey are like the Anthem Lights version to contemporary christian music.  The song added today is called One thing Remains / How He Loves. You will recognize these goodies.  

Spotify play list: Hope for You 2020 by Hopeforpain