You can continue to eat healthy if required to quarantine yourself for 14 days with the COVID- 19 scare. Preparation is key. But thinking outside the box can make it doable, less overwhelming, and a little fun.

Think simple meal preparation.


Non dairy milk can be purchased in a box and can be stored in the pantry til needed. Boxed plant based plant milk products range from soy, oat, almond, and rice mild. Our favorite is Westsoy, made only with organic soybeans and water.

Purchase and freeze frozen fruit for smoothies. Berries, especially blueberries, are your best choice to fight viruses. Berries are known to have many kinds of biological activities. There was a study that found positive relationship between antiviral activity and polyphenol content in berries, indicating the possibility that polyphenol is one of the key factors in the antiviral effects of berries.

Stock up on oatmeal and Museli. Oatmeal goes a long way over 14 days. You can make it hot, cold with soy milk, and soaked overnight. Add raisins and nuts for variety. There are tons of recipes out there to spice up your oatmeal.


Hummus will stay good for 14 days.

Peanut butter and jelly is always a mainstay.

Stay away from sodium laden soups and chili. Just imagine if you ate canned soup every day for 14 days with the extra added sodium load, it would take a long time for your body to forgive you. For men and women 14 years of age and older and pregnant women, the recommended daily intake is 1,500 milligrams a day. So read those can labels.

Buy whole wheat and whole grain bread and freeze a couple of loafs. Or make your on bread. Try this sardinian flatbread recipe from The Bluezones Kitchen cookbook. This bread dates back to ancient times, and would not go bad while shepherds were away from home for long stretches. This bread can actually keep without refrigeration for a year or so. You just need to purchase some semolina flour and yeast. Bob’s Red Mill flour company carries this type of flour.

We have a trick at our house for preserving fruits and vegetables. Purchase a product called Blueapple produce saver balls. They extend the life of produce up to 2-3 times longer. So don’t forgo the fresh produce. You will need it to keep your body strong.


Hey, you have 14 days off. Experiment with some recipes. Try to stay away from processed food. With the 40 day Lenten “Hope For You” challenge of no processed food, I can share many recipes with you that require very little perishable foods. For example, I made chickpea dumplings in curried tomato sauce from the October issue of Eating Well. This recipe is amazing. The only perishable product in this recipe is yogurt. I used plant based yogurt and canned jalapenos. The Lavva brand of plant based yogurt lasts up to 80 days. Add this product to your breakfast choices too. Two batches were made and eaten over three days. Amazing.

Dried beans and pasta last forever and so easy to cook. Get many meals for lunch and dinner out of one session of cooked beans. Rice and beans are a stable at the Fogleman household that everyone will eat. Use different rices to mix it up.

Potatoes. We love potatoes. Properly stored, raw potatoes will last for 1 to 2 weeks at normal room temperature. To maximize the shelf life of potatoes, store in a cool (45-55° F; warmer than the refrigerator, but colder than normal room temperature) dark area; under those storage conditions, potatoes will last about 2 to 3 months. Try different varieties, sweet potatoes, plain white, red, purple. Our favorite right now is japanese sweet potatoes. Japanese sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamins, especially beta-carotene (provitamin A), vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 [1, 5, 6]. Sweet potatoes help your immune system with their antioxidant capacity. Each Japanese sweet potato contains two potent antioxidants that neutralize potentially damaging oxidizing agents in your body and help reduce disease.


The goal is to boost your immune system. There are no treatments for COVID-19 right now.

Having immune boosting supplements in your household should be key. We have a family secret in our household that is taken with any sniffle or offending symptom. Counter Attack by Rainbow Light. Our previous primary care physician who loved to dabble in holistic medicine would prescribe this over the counter therapy instead of tamiflu. It works!! I did just look at Amazon’s pricing. They have it jacked up to $89 but here’s another link, You can also purchase it at Whole Foods and some health food store.

Vitamin C. There is a study actually taking place in China right now using high dose Vitamin C to treat the corona virus. Vitamin C is significant to human body and plays a role in reducing the inflammatory response. Supplementation with a dietary source of vitamin C (providing ~250 mg/day) resulted in a 20% increase in neutrophil chemotaxis. Attached is a great review of Vitamin C for those long days during your quarantine. Knowing this information provided by these studies, I would recommend taking up to 250 mg per day. Hey, oranges are still in season and they provide 100 mg of Vitamin C per day and they have a shelf life of two weeks in the refrigerator. Go natural, and stock up on oranges.

This concludes the Hope For Pain helpful list to get you through 14 days of being quarantined. More to come….. Stay safe and stay healthy. Stay tuned to our blog for recipes using non- perishable food items.

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