Hello.  Today is day 4 of my juicing journey.  Above is a picture of my glorious lunch.  It is rather tasty, but not my best recipe.  I would add a little extra pear and maybe a little ginger.  Now that I have added ginger to my juices, I miss that taste.  Yesterday was not easy returning to work and then being on call and having to eat hospital food.  I juiced for breakfast, I ate a spinach salad with veggies for lunch, and dinner was what ever vegetables I could find in the hospital cafeteria.  Today I’m back on track.  I feel energized and great.  It could be just from the lack of sleep or the juice.  I’m not so sure.  You know the lack of sleep thing doesn’t hit you till the next day.

It was sweet, my darling husband made some green juice for me to drink when I got home last night.  Unfortunately it was eleven pm before I arrived home and that green juice sitting in the refrigerator did not look so tasty.  Actually you learn when you start juicing that you really should drink your creations right away and not try and store them.  They say you can store the fruit juices up to four hours and not to try and store the green juices.  Bacteria must grow quickly on those preservative free veggies.

I will post a picture soon of my actual juicer.  The most popular kind I have found, listening to others that juice, is the Breville.  The Breville version is actually cheaper than the juicer we bought.  Undoubtedly it is very reliable.  The cost of this machine averages $350 – $400.  I think it is well worth the investment if it takes anyone off any medicines for chronic illness.  Got to go.  Lunch on the run.  Juice on the run. I will say, the clean up takes a  little time.  You must allow at least seven minutes to clean up your handiwork.