“Man writes history after it happens; God writes history before it happens.”  Oliver B. Greene

Welcome to Hope for Pain 40 day Lenten challenge 2022.   Over the next 40 days we will dive deep into bible study, explore a few stories that may be unfamiliar to you or ones you do not associate with Jesus and the Easter story.   We will begin with prophecy, explore a little Egyptian love story, maybe even explore a little Shakespeare, go in depth to roman poilitcal figures during Jesus’ time, and of course spend time with Jesus himself.  

Let’s begin the week in the book of Daniel.   I will start each week with readings to lead your week, but if you follow along daily, things could diverge as I follow God’s lead.   That’s what makes this journey fun and interesting during the next  40 days.  

 Loving a good challenge, I will encourage you a little physically this year.  Our kitchen is being renovated so providing new plant based recipes is out of the question, but a little movement to set you on the right course this spring could help us all.  I invite you to download the Strava app on your phone or home PC.  It’s free and records your movement and allows one to join and record movement as a group.   Join Strava,  search for the Hope for Pain club.  To join the challenge, I need to invite you after you join the club.Go to  https://www.strava.com/clubs/1029837 and join us.  We will attempt to reach 400 miles together by running, walking, or hiking in 40 days.  If you cannot join Strava,  record your own hours and try to walk everyday.  

And of course no good Lenten challenge can be completed without great praise music.  I invite you to  join us a spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7Ki9RfFCwg2flTr65ljEMm.  There will be lots of River City Music this year, my new favorite christian group.  

So the plan:  40 days in the bible, sundays off  to worship in your own community, and walking and recording your physical activity.  Let’s do this!  This is easier than giving up chocolate or carbs right?

I will post the readings tonight on the website at www.hopeforpain.org or go to link in bio and click on Lent Bible study 2022. 

Day 1: Daniel 10:1-3 

Day 2: Daniel 10:4- 10 

Day 3: Daniel 10: 11-14 

Day 4 : Daniel 10: 12-21 

Day 5: Daniel 11: 1-4 

Day 6: Daniel 11: 5 , check for more later.