We do not know any results, yet. My husband goes at noon. He is feeling better, with a little scratchy throat, dry cough, and runny nose. After 10 days, I finally posted on social media our predicament, so I have tons of prayer warriors out there now.

Over the last two weeks, I have been reading about King Asa and his rule over Judah. He was one of the many kings that followed in the line of King David. And one of the very few kings, that followed God during most of his reign. The interesting part of the story is that as he aged and saw success he relied less and less on God. We see this similar trend with Solomon. What is it about age, maybe the wisdom of time and living longer in this fallen world, that can harden our hearts? There is one part of this story that I have to share with this community. I have never read this before until this morning. I am putting in quotes my dear instructors, someones’ words, not sure who wrote 2 Chronicles, written in 870 bc, ” Asa developed a serious foot disease. YET EVEN WITH THE SEVERITY OF HIS DISEASE, HE DID NOT SEEK THE LORDS HELP BUT TURNED TO HIS PHYSICIANS.” And then in the next verse he died.

We are called to seek the Lord’s help with illness. It’s right there in black and white. Today, I seek all the prayers I can get. Yesterday, I started a prayer chain from my dear friend and missionary living on the other side of the world in Macedonia. We are called to have others pray for us. I choose to turn to God is all illnesses and well, pretty much everything in life.

Ok, yesterday my husband bought a new book by William Bulsiewicz MD, called “Fiber Fueled: The Plant-based Gut Health Program” We listened to an interview from Plantstock 2020 a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued. He writes about the gut biome and his main goal is encouraging you to eat with diversity in mind, plant diversity, to feed those healthy bacteria in our guts. Unhealthy bacteria in our guts lead to inflammation, and inflammation leads to chronic disease, the disease we fight against at Hope for Pain. Excited to dive more into this book. I will share some specifics tomorrow and maybe a recipe.

But as reminded today by King Asa’s end of life story, we must not rely solely on our physicians. We can gather information, cook healthy diets, and eat healthy diverse plants, but more importantly we are called to seek the Lord’s help.