My husband was negative, at least his rapid test, which is 96% accurate. The PCR results will return in 3 to 5 days. My hubby canceled a fun adventure trip with the boys for the weekend, just in case. But the Lord has given me another test during this trial. My father has become ill, not with COVID, but an aneurysm at the base of his brain. He sits alone in the hospital, with only one visitor, my stepmom, allowed in for the whole 24 hour period, thank you COVID. This sucks. I guess I’m being allowed to see all aspects of this pandemic. Parent of a positive victim, the person in quarantine, and now that person not allowed to see their loved one in the hospital. Dear Jesus, please give me every bit of patience and peace you can muster.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I posted on social media for the first time about our COVID experience. The beautiful part of my transparency was allowing my friends and prayer warriors to pray over my dad yesterday. So grateful. Sometimes when you are going through trials, you just don’t have the words to lift up, but allowing others to do this for you can be very powerful. So thankful for friends.

This morning I do not have the energy to post any helpful tips or health advice. Forget those healthy gut microbes. We will come back to you guys another day. My only concern right now is my father and lifting him up to my ultimate Father in heaven. Be good. This may be my last day to write. I call work today, the “command center”, and get my quarantine orders. We will see what happens. Take you dear Jesus for keeping me healthy during this trial. My health is precious. My health is key to lifting up your name on this platform. Here’s to healthy gut microbes, plant-strong living, and boosting your immune system, and good old fashion common sense, like wearing a mask even around COVID positive loved ones when they are sick. Keep those masks on and protect those that you love!!!

I leave you today with a beautiful song from my daughter’s church, Crossroads, a megachurch in Cincinnati. They are the bomb! This pandemic has only made them stronger. Especially their musical talent. I have witnessed a complete transformation in music quality since March. Their talent has lifted me in so many ways these past 6 months. Allow me to give gratitude and share with you their gift. “We trust in you alone. The anthem of freedom.”