Long walks with the dogs. Seeing neighborhood friends and letting them in on our secret. Seeing the fear in their expressions as they consider, “am I far enough away from them to be safe?”. The neighbors that still yell across the yard to check on you and make sure all is ok. The outside dinners when we let our daughter come out of her room. Now what, it’s supposed to rain the next three days? And the endless dishes, carefully not touching where she touched on her cup or plate. (Our dishwasher is broken. Waiting endlessly for the part for repair.)

Every morning regardless of the day, I spend time in worship. Whether it’s in the car on the way to work or sitting at the dining room table with the chronological Bible on days off from work. I pray for wisdom for the day. I pray for peace. I pray for discernment. I pray that God will just lead my day. These days I wish I could just spend the whole day immersing myself in His Word. That is the easy part of my day. Getting along with my husband when we are quarantined together every waking moment is the hard part of my days. Dealing with the daily changes the university makes that you paid thousands of dollars to to educate your daughter. These are the hard parts of my day. They may seem arbritrary to others. but they belong to me.

Right now in my headphones the music plays as I worship. I hear these words:

“I don’t wanna be afarid.

Every time I face the waves, I don’t want to be afraid.

And I don’t wanna fear the storm.

Just because I hear it roar.

I don’t wanna fear the storm.

Peace be still. You are here, so it is well.

Even when my eyes can’t see.

I will trust the voice that speaks.”

Ok, what are we doing to keep ourselves healthy? Smoothies. Antioxidant filled smoothies. I love acai packets to add to the Vitamixer. Add some frozen raspberries, a banana, and non-dairy milk. And you have a beautiful drink everyone in your household will drink.

In the words of Colin Campbell…….

“Here is the hopeful – even revolutionary – idea. People can defend themselves against the worst effects of the COVID-19 infection, and help flatten the curve of hospitalizations, by strengthening their immune systems through their food choices.” (Campbell, 2020)

Our Most Important Defense Against COVID-19: Finding Hope Through Scientific Evidence – T Colin Campbell, PhD. See also Part 2 The Path to Recovery through Nutrition: Our Most Important Defense Against COVID-19