Yes, I can count. I skipped day 6. Day 6 goes down in history books as one of the worst days ever. I won’t burden you with the details. We all have them. I am just choosing grace, to move forward, and try to be a better manager of what God has given me. Including my talents, or at least my dreams of talents. He did place those dreams upon my heart, I choose to serve Him no matter what.

Good news though, our daughter is doing very well. She is day 16 from having her first symptoms. She returns to school today (God only knows when the university will close their doors), and we are day 10 from our first exposure without any symptoms. Yay!!! Lots to be grateful for. I have only five more days before I can return to work. Don’t try to do the math. Remember we are living in a time of “fluidity”. Correct?

So, I will continue to share. Today let’s talk about nature. Nature is one of my favorite gifts from God. It’s the gift that brings healing to our souls when words are not enough, immersion into total solitude. Finding that “secret” place that only a few know can be life-changing. Two days ago, I had to get away from everyone. But where do you go when you are quarantined away from society? By circumstance, my father called the same day and gave me that gift. He told me about a beautiful place that he finds solitude. Two hours later, I was there. Alone. No one anywhere around. (Except for my puppies). Just the rippling sounds from the river, wildflowers in full summer bloom, and outreached arms of the trees that God created and placed in this exact spot hundreds of years ago. I was home. Today, I plan to go back, but not alone. Every secret spot needs to be shared with those you love.

Even the naturalists of our times have understood the healing benefits of nature, and most of these were proclaimed atheists. Get out there and enjoy nature. Find your own secret place. By the way, I just found out this morning that Jason Mraz released a new album in June 2020. Who knew? He is one of my favorite all-time artists and local hero of sorts. So I leave you with his new song “Gratitude”. Gratitude, a very appropriate word for this beautiful day.