Ok, it’s starting all over again. Now my husband has symptoms. We just went to my primary care doctor’s office for a rapid test and they turned us away because he is not a patient. Ugh…. the first test I finally found after scouring the internet is tomorrow afternoon. I’m still symptom-free and scheduled to return to work on Friday. This is not looking good for us. I thought this was all over. Patience. Today’s entry is short and sweet because I’m at a loss for words at the moment.

I leave you with this song. Because sometimes God speaks to us in really weird ways. This is my all time favorite jason Mraz song. One night when I lost it emotionally, fighting with my husband, riding in a car believing in my mind that there was no hope. God spoke to me through this song. Sounds completely crazy, but I will never forget that moment. It saved my marriage. And saved my life.