In the beginning of the week, I wrote a post on twitter about pollen season being in full swing and shared tree practical tips to ward off  allergens.  Never knowing when I wrote that post, that I myself would be burdened by a maladjusted Ohioian virus from the twenty one year old, I call my first daughter.  Is it possible that viruses you acquire on airplanes make you feel worse?  Or are viruses you acquire from 21 year old’s living, in college settings, spreading college greek life germs even more disadvantageous?  Or last choice, I am now middle age, almost 48 , and it takes longer to heal my body?  Not sure, but in my mind, and I have had a lot of time to ponder this theory this week from sick days, I think it’s the combination of all three.

I’m trying not to lose hope.  Every ounce of me has incorporated my integrative medicine knowledge.  Juicing everyday from my local favorite juicery, ( ) or making my own wheatgrass shots and acai bowls with the vitamixer. At night I make fresh tumeric and ginger tea from grated raw elements.  Why am I not feeling any better?  It’s been seven days.  Seven days is nothing compared to an existence with chronic pain.  I try to remember this now.  I try to put things in to perspective.  Healing the body is a process.  Healing the mind is a process.  God created the universe in seven days.  My divinity, which of course is none, creates nothing without His help. I place my body, His temple, into His hands. We care for our temples and he helps us heal.  Did I mention, the positive, I have lost seven pounds.  So for now I will continue to care for His temple, eating veggies and fruit, drinking green tea instead of coffee, and getting plenty of rest ( sadly missing my daughter’s choral concert at an amazing venue by the Chesapeake Bay and happy hour with a dear friend while I’m resting). Dear God, Could you let this healing occur more quickly?