Bible study by Jo Saxton

Choose to start something new this season. Summer has come to an end. The kids are off to school. Or if you’re like me, your nest is empty, or maybe you never had a nest; maybe you enjoy starting something new. I’ve chosen to start two things this season: the bible study offered by Proverbs 31 Ministry, following along with their online community, and I’m starting a new book club in our neighborhood. I miss community. I miss bible study with real adults.

I love covers of books. It fascinates me how a cover tries to communicate the meaning of a book. Jo Saxtons’ title is “The Dream of You.” “Let go of broken identities and live the life you were made for. “. Blue sparkles and white lettering. I imagine myself gazing upon a night sky and wishing upon a star. On Instagram, it states “For the Woman Lost in the lIfe She is Living”. This speaks more to me. Am I a woman lost in the life she is living? I feel this way many days. I feel this way at various times of every day. At moments I see clarity; the clouds lift and I see God’s purpose. Then a few hours later, distracted by life, I can’t even remember what happened in a chapter I read last night. Does this seem relatable?

Well, I’m excited about this book. Right now I’m stuck. Writer’s block. I know what I’m supposed to do but I just can’t make myself do it. So Jo, I’m ready for this new journey. Please open my eyes up to what God wants me to see. Please open my ears up to what God wants me to hear. And I pray the same for you.

This bible study starts after Labor day 2021. If you’re reading this at some other time, I do know that Proverbs 31 ministries keep a list of previous Bible studies at At the beginning of the summer, I studied Nicki Koziarz’s book “Flooded”. It was great. This time I will be exploring the community and following along daily. But you do you. Immersing yourself in a study of God’s word is key to any healing. So why not try it with a community of believers and have some fun?