Integrative Hope began in 2010 as a ministry to support those suffering with chronic pain. The name has changed as God has narrowed and redirected our focus. Always our intent has been to give hope to others.  The hope, spending hours on my knees in prayer for my own mother as she suffered in pain, for just a little bit of relief. You see I am COCPP, a child of a chronic pain parent. I just made that up but I know there must be others out there.  Children that see their parents struggle with opiate addiction, excruciating pain that is only relieved with prayers, and the emotional ups and downs of living with anyone with chronic illness.


In our first years, we were a Hopekeepers support group, for survivors with chronic pain, (restministries.com).  We spent each month reading and talking about pain, supporting each other, and studying how God’s Word could help.  We gained a few faithful regulars that loved studying about God’s Hope. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and stopped facilitating our meetings. Unbeknown to me, these groups continued in my absence led by a precious couple that suffers with cerebral palsy and depression.  They changed our name to “Hope for Pain”, the title of our first website.  And God’s plan continued….


To know me and my husband, is to know that we love the concept of integrative medicine. My husband studies relentlessly about the healing power of foods and through his study I have absorbed and developed my own opinions about nutrition.  As a profession, I pass “gas” for a living.  I am a certified nurse anesthetist, spending hours professionally and academically studying pain and chronic illness. Every day I see acute pain, I care for those that suffer with chronic pain, and I see the effects of chronic illness. In the world of anesthesia, we call integrative medicine, multimodal analgesia.The concept of treating acute pain with a multidisciplinary approach , maximizing the analgesic and synergistic effect of relieving pain at different pain receptor sites. Integrative medicine uses the same approach. It places the patient at the center and addresses the emotional, the spiritual, mental, physical and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.


Integrative Hope is about placing our patient’s at the center and providing spiritual hope through God’s Word and through multimodal approaches to healing.  I believe God has provided so many ways to help us to heal our bodies and to keep them healthy.  Explore with me on this website our observations and study to improve your life for the better.