In the Garden

$ 14.99


A 40-day guide and devotional focused on holistic healing

By profession, Nichole is a nurse that specializes in pain.  She’s the one that guides you to the operating room, gently speaks calming words as you inhale the fresh air, then drifts you off to sleep, and of course, takes care of you vital organs while you enjoy slumber.  Through the years, understanding the why, how, and when of pain has filled her life.  Learning about pain has been her personal mission. Her mom struggled with severe chronic pain impacting her life and her family for 20 years. At work, she meets people daily that struggle with pain.  She believes we live in a world where the control of pain has turned many lives upside down, with addiction, sickness, and death.  God has placed a mission on her life to help others with their struggles big or small.

Writing about scripture and discovering mysteries in God’s Word is one of her passions. As a lifestyle, Nichole eats only plant based and believes in the power of food as medicine.  Her first book is about the power of food to fight chronic illness and the impact that immersing yourself in scripture for 40 days can have on your life. Her journey with a plant-based lifestyle began little by little when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. Instead of reaching for Ritalin, she reached for scientific journals and research. She completely restructured her family’s diet, and things began to change.  She witnessed the power of food in detoxifying the body and now wants to share that information with her readers.

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