Eating Healthy on a Budget

"Buying fruits and vegetables are so expensive", the most common phrase I hear from patients when I talk one on one with them about changing their habits. So I have set out to disprove this theory. Follow @hope4pain on Instagram and get all tips for Eating Healthy on...

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling With Chronic Pain

NOTE: This article is from the website Million Mile Secrets written by Harlan Vaughn. David Lafferty reached out to Hope for Pain, hoping that we would share this article to benefit our readers. If you would like to read the full article go to

Dear Best Friend

A poem by Linda Barnes

How to Ease Your Chronic Pain without Prescription Pills

Article by author Kimberly Hayes

Living with Dignity

Article by author Kimberly Hayes of Holistic Recovery: Everything You Need to Know About Alternative Addiction Treatments.  Kimberly Hayes enjoys writing about health and wellness and created to help keep the public informed about the latest developments in popular health issues and concerns.  In addition to studying to become a crisis intervention counselor, Kimberly is hard at work on her new book, which discusses the ins and out of alternative addiction treatments.