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The following are media coverage of “In the Garden: 40 day Journey of Hope and Healing” (Kharis Publishing) by Nichole Fogleman ( interviews, book signings, articles, reviews)

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      • Good Food Grocery- “mission to honor God by supporting their customers at their different levels of nutritional maturity, by providing exceptional and memorable customer service, and by selling products that as as natural , wholesome, and uplifting to nutritional well-being as possible” ,; Book signing 11/ 12/22; book available to purchase in store, Richmond Virginia


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    Radio Interviews:

    1. The Carol Henry Show (WKTO) , January 2, 2023; 12pm,

    2. Good Morning Ozarks; with Charlie and Keith; KLFC Radio; 1/31/2023; 8:30 am,


      1. Life Today with Randy Robison, Dallas Texas; 1/20/23; 12:00 pm;

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    In the Garden: A 40-day Journey of Hope and Healing is more than a journey of food and faith. It is a journey of heart, passion, and promise. Author, Nichole Fogleman, shares her knowledge on healthy eating along with her love for the Lord, her knowledge of Scripture, and her authentic heart. Taking the journey through this book is going on a journey with a knowledgeable guide, an encouraging friend, and a woman guided by the Holy Spirit to reflect her love for helping and loving others in our world. Along this journey, you learn from relatable real-life stories from the author as well as healthy life-giving food habits that are conveyed in a language that allows the reader to lose intimidation and with confidence believe this new method of plant-based living is attainable. This book is love-giving and life-changing!

    ─Rev Abbie D. Duenckel

    Author of the weekly blog 

    Last winter I was personally going through aggressive chemotherapies, and I implemented some of Nichole and her husband’s advice written in this book. I immediately noticed a difference, more energy, better mood, no bloated stomach, and nervous bowels. Thank God now I am in remission. Pet scan and two blood checkups are all clear. Prayers, eating style, and medicine are all we can do from our side. The rest is up to our sovereign God. And I had a special peace knowing that I’m doing everything that is on my side and knowing that God has a perfect plan for the outcome.I have been in Christian ministry for 12 years currently working as a missionary for Cru International in Macedonia. I’ve never put a lot of focus on what the Bible has to say about eating plants, seeds, olives, figs, other vegetables, and fruits etc. I’m amazed at how much the Bible has to say about it. I’m so grateful that Nichole put her long years of personal experience and scientific research into a book. Her writing style is noticeably clear, practical, sincere, personal, and humble. It’s easy for the reader to connect with her. Once I read the book “Purpose Driven Life” and undertook the 40 days to complete the book and it impacted my life a lot. I believe the same is true for this 40-day journey of In the Garden: a 40-day Journey of Hope and Healing.

    ─Zlatko Buchkoski, Christian minister, and author of the book, “God’s Fingerprints” (English title) Sharing the gospel in every pore of society. Influencing the young lost generation with

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