Holy Week Day 1

Writing during Lent has been one of my favorite gifts from God. It began 7 years ago, when instead of giving up something like chocolate, I wanted to give something back. God has spoken to me very powerfully each time I chose to immerse myself in his word for 40 days, and this year was no different. I’m so grateful for His Word.

A Lenten Study of Oil

Every year I write for the 40 days leading up to Easter. It’s a habit begun several years ago choosing to give something back during Lent. This year I will be writing about oil, it’s use in the Bible, and my journey the next 40 days abstaining from it’s intake. Living a whole foods plant […]

Short Story of a Hike in The Forest

This story takes place in a forest. A forest named during a war. The name of the forest an oxymoron, transpired when a white man was taking land from the Cherokee. The man, a religious man, peered out at the mountains in this forest, and named these lands Pisquah. In history, thousands of years ago, […]

Easter Reflections

As you begin time in the Word today , ask the Lord to prepare your heart and His Spirit to be your guide as you read the 3rd stanza of Psalm 119, verses 17-24. You are a stranger in the earth. You are a sojourner, as the psalmist reminds us in verse 19. If these […]

Easter Reflection

Today we will look at the 3rd stanza of Psalm 119, the “Bet” stanza, verses 9-16, the 2nd letter of the Hebrew alphabet, each stanza corresponding to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The images created in my mind as I read this text is an image of a human heart. The author seeks God […]

Easter Reflections – Day 2

Welcome to day 2. It’s a beautiful spring day, have you contemplated doing things a little different this year? If you have joined me for day two, then you are out of the norm. You are on the right track. The author of Psalm 119 obviously loved and cherished God’s word. He would have definitely […]

Easter Reflections – Day 1

Reflecting on Easter should be one of the most important times of our year. Some call it Holy Week but often it’s drowned out with spring break plans, Easter traditions, family dinner’s, and vacations. We forget to take time to reflect on the Easter sacrifice and resurrection. This week we will focus on one verse […]