Eating Plant Based

Adopting A Plant Based Diet

Hope for Pain does not believe in the word “vegan.” I feel it adds extra stress and anxiety to the concept of eating plant based. I also want to avoid the stereotypes that come with the word. Instead, we try to focus on eating local, sustainable foods that live in either a garden or the produce aisle.

I also believe it is important to incorporate plant based eating as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Many people try out different diets and then give up because they find themselves craving/bingeing restricted foods. Instead of treating plant based eating as a fad diet, treat it like a lifestyle.

The lifestyle approach is the reason we promote the 80% plant based plan. Moderation is key in order to maintain a healthy diet. This plan accommodates off meals (or even days), allowing you to have more confidence in your ability to achieve your goal.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”   – Hippocrates

Our Guide to The 80% Plant Based Lifestyle Plan

Hope for Pain has created a go-to guide for switching to a plant based lifestyle. Our guide details specific substitutes for items you may be eating currently that you need to cut out of your diet. Luckily, the 80% lifestyle gives you a little wiggle room. This is in an effort to make sure you don’t feel too overwhelmed and can easily stick to your new lifestyle. Remember that if you make a mistake or have a cheat day, you can always return to the roots of this lifestyle. We encourage you to take your produce aisle by storm or discover your green thumb in a fresh outdoor garden.

Not only is it important to adopt a plant based lifestyle, but it is also key to make sure the plants and produce you are eating are fresh and local (if possible). Sometimes prepackaged items contain extra ingredients that don’t fall into your new diet/lifestyle. If you read the back of the packaging and find that you don’t know some of the ingredients, try to steer clear. The goal is to eat as many raw foods as possible, with the fewest ingredients. 

Need extra assistance with the plant based lifestyle?

Feeling nervous, discouraged, or overwhelmed by all of the information above? You’re not the only one. It can be extremely intimidating to begin a plant based lifestyle, and everyone before you has felt the same. We would love to assist you or give you some pointers to begin your plant based journey.

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