In 2020 we started a tradition on Sunday evenings. After 19 years raising children, sending our last child off to college (UNCW; Go Seahawks), we decided to do dinner with my mom every Sunday evening at 5pm, “no matter what”. To make it interesting we only use plant based recipes and try out new dishes each week.

Two years ago my mom slowly began incorporating plant based meals into her life. She is fully plant based now and states “I have no desire to eat red meat ever again”. She may not admit, because of fear of a relaspe, but she is physically doing very well. She has suffered with chronic pain for 20 years, arachnoiditis. She is the inspiration behind Hope For Pain. My husband and I knew after years of research that food can be used as medicine. My mom slowly caught on and has made small changes to her diet, but over time she realized she felt better.

Make introducing plant based foods to your loved ones a fun occasion. Challenge yourself to one night a week, researching new recipes to test on each other. Dont expect your loved ones to create the dinners in the beginning. Soon they will want to try, because the food tastes so good. Use holidays to get creative. We made a vegan irish stew last night for St. Patricks Day. Give your evening a fun name and hashtag (#sundayswithNaNa) . Post on social media, share with us at @thehopeforpain or #healingthroughfood. Keep the recipes you love, to use again and again. Create a fun journal of all your recipe favorites. We at Hope for Pain love the “Forks over Knives” recipes, often sourced out from vegan chefs all over the world or try your own creations.

Here are some of our favorites to help you get started. I do love cabbage so the two below are heavy laden with cabbage. Any recipe from Fiber Fueled book by Dr. will Bulsiewicz They are all so good, with my favorite being the “Sunday Pasta”. And , a local chef from Richmond Virginia. And then my all time favorite recipe adapted from “Eating Well”,, featured as image on this post.